the mwazaro experience

Experience some of the best of the kenyan coast

Besides constant wind, Mwazaro offers you a lot of sports flair at one of the most beautiful water sport destinations in Kenya. You can go directly from bed to board. There is something for everyone – for beginners as well as for advanced surfers – whether it is varied conditions for kiting, active kayak tours or simply admiring the beautiful sea from a Stand Up Paddle Board. With our active program you can experience a lot of vacation sports flair with nice people in a really casual atmosphere.



Mwazaro wins our kiter hearts with its location and a monsoon wind directly on the Indian Ocean, called Kaskazi. We offer the perfect bed to board experience. Mwazaro is a dream spot for kitesurfing, The shallow water of our 15 square km lagoon guarantees perfect conditions for beginners and advanced kitesurfing. The kite season is only between December and March, when there is constant wind from north/northeast, which means you always have on-shore wind (with a 95% wind guarantee). 


Mwazaro Beach, offers dream conditions with a maximum of 40 kite travellers and plenty of space for beginners, because there are no other hotels around. The air temperature is around 30 and the water around 25 degrees, so pleasant kiting without a wetsuit. We also have a fully equipped Kite School where you can learn from our instructors or rent gear.



We offer you a wide variety of excursions such as:

  • Ramisi river boat tour (bird watching and crocodiles)
  • Sandbank sundowner tour
  •  Local village tour
  • Wasini Island snorkelling and dolphin tours
  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing tours
  • Safaris
  • Shimba Hills Tour
  • Shimoni  Slave cave tour
  • Stand up padling
  • and so much more!

The Mwazaro team will be happy to help you!



At Mwazaro Beach Lodge, we have the best environment to relax and find your peace of mind. We have the perfect space for yoga and offer yoga retreats from June – November. (We announce the retreats on our social media.)


Culinary Delight

Indulge your taste buds in an unforgettable culinary journey at our restaurant, where our exceptional chefs, hailing from the local community, bring their remarkable talents to the table. 

Our culinary artisans craft masterpieces using the freshest local seafood, ensuring each dish is a celebration of Kenyan coastal excellence. From delectable seafood delights to continental classics, every plate is a testament to the passion and skill of our talented kitchen team. 



Let yourself be pampered after a long day on the water or after excursions. Switch off with a relaxing massage or a nourishing manicure or pedicure. You can book your personal appointment directly at our reception – the Mwazaro team will be happy to help you!


Shuttle Services

We take care of your transport from the airport transfer to a restaurant visit or to an excursion destination. In cooperation with local partners, we ensure that you arrive reliably at your destination. The Mwazaro team will be happy to help you.


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