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Escape To Elegance, Embrace The Exceptional: A Retreat Where Every Guest Feels Like Family

Mwazaro lodge was built in 2002 and was taken under new management in 2022. It has been fully refurbished for a brand new experience.

With Mwazaro Beach, we have created a place of peace and relaxation in “real Kenya” – away from the tourist crowds – where you feel free, where it is familiar, where everything seems a bit nicer, a bit more relaxed and a bit more natural.

Discover the hidden gem of Mwazaro Beach Lodge, where nature’s magic meets rich history. Tucked away from the crowds, our natural paradise offers 300 meters of pristine beach, surrounded by tranquil mangrove trees. Just a short drive from Mombasa and Diani beach airports, the journey unfolds the pure essence of Kenyan coastal life.

Feel at home as you arrive, embraced by warmth that transcends hospitality. Immerse yourself in the lodge’s history, a tale waiting to be unveiled. Hear the soothing waves, see the moon and stars, taste exquisite cuisine, and breathe in the fresh sea air.

Mwazaro Beach Lodge is more than accommodation; it’s an exclusive escape where every guest finds serenity and the genuine warmth of Kenyan hospitality. Welcome to a place where nature’s magic rejuvenates your senses.


Visit our natural paradise and reconnect with yourself

Discover the perfect haven for every moment at Mwazaro Beach Lodge. Whether you seek an intimate escape or a family retreat, tranquility or adventure, private terrace or the charm of a natural sandy floor – our diverse range of accommodations caters to every guest’s desire. Experience personalized service, uniquely furnished rooms, and a theme inspired by the region. Indulge in a distinctive fusion of African specialties and the freshness of Mediterranean cuisine crafted from local ingredients. With meticulous attention to detail, we strive to make your stay with us feel like a cherished second home.

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Mwazaro Beach Lodge is more than a project; it’s a heartfelt endeavor where every corner echoes the stories of the people who breathe life into this place.

Here, amidst tales as diverse as life in the mangrove lagoon, expressions of love, and the yearning for connection, we find a sense of home on the shores of Mwazaro. Yet, the roots of our inspiration run deeper, prompting the creation of this special haven.

Join us on a journey, where we unravel the idea and stories behind Mwazaro Beach Lodge. Each chapter unveils the intricate narrative of this place that we hold dear to our hearts. For a comprehensive exploration, delve into the entire compelling story of Mwazaro Beach Lodge in our book: African Chess

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Discover Shimoni – the area around our lodge The lodge is located in the middle of a mangrove nature reserve and is about 80 km south of Mombasa. From Germany, Austria and Switzerland you can reach Mombasa in about nine hours flight time. The transfer time depends on the ferry connection in Mombasa and takes about 2 hours. The whole area is private property and is exclusively available to the guests of the lodge. In the huge shallow water lagoon, the lodge is the only commercially used facility and otherwise surrounded only by sea, mangroves, fishermen and friends. Due to this location, the beach is almost exclusively reserved for our guests and is occasionally visited by the children of the village. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, Shimoni is one of the sunniest regions in Kenya. From September to March, hardly any rain is to be expected. Besides kitesurfing, you can go for long hikes as well as stand up paddleboard and canoe tours in the lagoon and adjacent rivers. The friendliness of the locals and one or two wonderful encounters will be to your delight. There is also a PADI diving center nearby. Would you like to go diving, snorkelling or deep-sea fishing? Take a yoga class, a massage or a cooking class? Just ask us. Our team is at your disposal for the numerous offers and we support you – because Kenya is waiting for you!


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